Friday, December 10, 2010

AJWalton's InfoBarrel System Revealed

7 steps in my writing process:

1) Keyword Research
2) Article Writing
3) Article Publishing
4) On Page Optimizations
5) Social Bookmarking ("SocBks")
6) Article Directory Rewriting ("Rewrites")
7) Interlinking

Tomorrow's entry: A look at my master spreadsheet that makes this all possible on any scale. (I've finally figured out interlinking!) You might also get a quick glimpse of my list of ~2500 keywords.


  1. Hello AJ,
    Do you think it's possible to get just as good of a keyword list from the Google keyword tool? I have a list of keywords that I downloaded to Excel and I am getting ready to work on those. I do check the traffic and CPC on adwords.

    Your technique for putting out large volumes of content seems to work really well. I can see why it takes me a month to write 10 articles. I write one, then go on the back linking rounds (which I hate) and then I'm too tired to write anymore.

    Another problem is focusing my energy in one spot long enough to have a large amount of content out there. I spin between Xomba, Bukisa, Infobarrel, and now Seekyt too. Then the bookmarking sites.....ooy vay!!!!!

  2. thnaks for this nice and useful info

  3. @LPerry - Yes I think it's possible. However, it wouldn't be possible for me as I don't have the patience for it. JCMayer does a great job of doing exactly this, and I'll be damned before I pretend like I know better than him.

    I'm not going to pretend like I don't love Market Samurai, but it's definitely not for everyone! You could always take the trial and see if you find the convenience worth the $97 or not.

  4. Hi AJ,
    I'm so impressed. I use blogger all the time and it's a wonderful free service offered by google.

    I get so excited when I watch a video and understand what the person is talking about. Your great and keep up the work.

    I am following your blog and hope you decide to become a follower time mine. Here's the link and please feel free to leave a comment on my blog with your blog URL/link in the comment box. We can help each other grow.

  5. Great information AJ. Because of the contest I am separating my writing from my optimization and backlinking. This may be just what I need to keep from wasting time on articles that will never earn money. That way I can focus on the money makers later in the game.

  6. I went ahead and started my free trial with Market Samurai and was looking through it last night. I like it a lot. Good information all in one place. Now if I only knew what all of that information meant I might get somewhere...time to study the videos :)

  7. There's so much information out there it's hard to synthesize and implement it all. Once I'm back in Winnipeg I hope to release a bunch of new videos.